Brand Ambassador Application

Thank you for your interest in applying to be a Brand Ambassador for GlowFitLife ™!
Brand Ambassadors receive free or discounted merchandise in exchange for posting photos of our product on their social media accounts.

We accept 10 new Brand Ambassadors every month! 

Please note the following requirements in order to apply:
(1) You must have minimum of 5,000+ followers on Instagram
(2) You should have an engagement rate of 3% or higher on Instagram

Once you are approved, you then agree to the following terms:

(1) Create 1 permanent post on your Instagram

(2) Create 1 story on your Instagram

(3) Send us 2-5 photos from your photo shoot that we can use on social media
We may consider exceptions, such as having a significantly high number of blog or Youtube subscribers. If applying for an exception, please list in detail how you will promote our product and the number of followers you have on each platform.

Fill out the form below if you're interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador for GlowFitLife ™.

We hope to work with you!